Barroway Editing

Editing and Content Creation for Business and Books



Editing and copywriting are the path for honing your written (or spoken) projects, whether for…

…print or email marketing promotions and sales
…small business eBooks and novels
…video presentations

When looking at your copy online or on paper, I see potential everywhere! I can help with:

  • Editing and proofing to further enhance a cool blog.
  • Adding a kick-ass headline to make said blog post unforgettable.
  • Copywriting to expand upon a unique website or marketing concept.
  • Providing a wide-ranging newsletter with a cohesive voice.
  • Creating terrific tweets to promote a worthy project.

One simple truth applies to all copy, a fact that hasn’t changed in my 20 years of marketing communications experience:

Clear, engaging content generates
powerful connections with one’s audiences.

This is my passion. It’s why I’m here. Working as your editor and copywriter on the written material most important … to you!

Contact me to talk about polishing your project today!