Barroway Editing

Editing and Content Creation for Business and Books

Editing and copywriting are the path for honing your words in…

…blogs, articles, websites
…manuscripts, dissertations, ebooks (fiction / nonfiction / business)
…web, print or email marketing promotions and sales
…social media

When looking at your copy online or on paper, I see potential everywhere! I can help with:

  • Editing and proofing to further enhance a terrific blog or book.
  • Evaluating a manuscript for flow, clarity and topic cohesiveness.
  • Adding a kicking headline to make said blog post unforgettable.
  • Copywriting to expand upon a unique website or marketing concept.
  • Providing a wide-ranging newsletter with a cohesive voice.
  • Creating terrific tweets to promote a worthy project.

One simple truth applies to all copy, a fact that hasn’t changed in my 20 years of marketing communications experience:

Clear, engaging content generates powerful connections with one’s audiences.

This is my passion. It’s why I’m here. Working as your editor and copywriter on the written material most important … to you!