100615_WritingEditingFUNCarefully considering topic, tone and audience; setting precious time aside to write, and rewrite; agonizing over edits to reach the final version.

Wow. That’s some serious mental gymnastics. So … does “delight” still enter your blogging equation? Or has the whole endeavor become a true slog?

As with any long-term activity, it’s easy to get mired down in the business of producing a blog – or, for that matter, social media and other ongoing content efforts.

Want to invigorate your outlook? Reclaim those start-up high hopes. Inject lighthearted wonder into wordsmithing. Have fun with the topics!

In this brand-new blog, I likewise promise to remain mindful about keeping a sense of humor and enjoying the beginning, middle and end of the writing and editing process. (In truth, I always relish editing, even my own work.)

Here’s hoping you are able to do the same!